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Hey @Silver_Manatee


Thank you so much for sharing how you feel and being active in reflecting on your thoughts. You are doing amazing!


You are not wrong, romantic relationships and emotional intimacy are rewarding but it is a full commitment with many challenges. I also want to say that I am your age and I have never had a romantic relationship either! I know it can be really hard because it is such a foreign concept to us and it is hard to alter your routine to commit to another person. I had a couple of encounters where things could have developed further but I freaked out as well. 


I want you to know that having a lot of things happening in your life does not make it a negative thing. I believe that a person who loves you (it doesn't need to be romantic) will accept you as a whole. We are too young to worry about others not loving us as a whole, whoever wouldn't is not the right person to include in your life anyway. Please don't be afraid to get out there and experiment, the most genuine connections can only be made through sharing and understanding the other person at a very personal level. 


I think @PeelingOranges made some excellent points. You are prioritising yourself and how you feel, and that is very important. If you think it is yet time you take on the very rewarding challenge of having a boyfriend, then please don't feel guilty about it. It would be best if you didn't take on so many responsibilities at the same time that it would burn you out. 


With all that being said, thank you again for sharing your thoughts and your emotions. I hope you will choose what you think is best for you. Take care ❤️

Who rated this post