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Hey @Silver_Manatee I want to start by saying that I'm so proud that you've spoken out about this. I wish I knew of this platform a few years ago when I was going through this.


I went through the exact same thing when I was 16/17 and it's still something I think about occasionally (I'm 20 now). This guy and I were super close, we were pretty much in a relationship but I could never commit. No matter how much I liked him and how much we hung out, I could never put a label on it. 


Trying to work out why you're worried about letting people in may help to put those worries away and (if you want to) commit to this person. What is it about opening up to someone concerns you? 


In my experience, if they really like you and want to be with you, they will help you through your concerns and prove that you can trust them. They will also wait until you are ready to take that step, even if it is a small one.


I hope everything works out for you, you deserve all the happiness in the world 💕🙌🙏😊

Who rated this post