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Hi @eden_m01 this sounds really exhausting. It is really good that you've been able to try some strategies to help with falling asleep, even if they haven't worked particularly well. Is there an adult in your life you could speak to about your problems falling alseep? Or perhaps the possibility to make an appointment with your GP?


I've had problems with sleep for as long as I can remember, so I know exactly how frustating it is. Try to keep up the good habits, like limiting screen time and having some lavendar herbal tea - although it may not have initially worked, I personally found that by keeping up good sleep hygiene practices, over time my body started to understand 'this is what happens before it's time to sleep' and the habits became more effective.


Also, a little bit strange, but I found some success in falling asleep when I didn't eat foods with lots of sugar (such as chocolate or ice cream) a couple of hours before I wanted to go to bed. Although chocolate and ice cream didn't necessarily make me feel 'hyper' or energetic after I ate them, I would notice that it would often cause me to lie in bed and stay up later just thinking. Now, if I feel like having a sweet snack or dessert (because I'm a sucker for sweets!), I try to have them after lunch instead of dinner. Perhaps this could be something you could try?


It sounds like you already know quite a lot, but I'll link an article on sleep hygiene by Headspace just in case.

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