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Hi there,


I'm sorry to hear you've been finding it difficult to make friends. 


I can relate though. School is a natural way to make friends, you're all in the same place 5 days a week, and naturally, friendships blossom. However, after school, it's hard to connect with others when there isn't that environment anymore. I know for me, when I finished school I was disheartened when I wasn't making any new friends. It makes you feel lonely and unmotivated.


What I did was just focus on being myself and giving myself small challenges each week to be more confident. For example, "compliment a random person at work or university today", "go out for coffee and ask the barista how their day is going". It's difficult to begin with but it's just one small challenge per week and it increased my confidence a lot, which helped me to make more friends. 

Remember that you are an awesome person and you will find friends that you feel comfortable and have fun with!!

Hope that helps 🙂



Who rated this post