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Hi thankyou, i have a good support through friends and family. Especially my mum who helps me go through what i am thinking and encourages me to see light in a dark and scary situation. Thankyou!

I shall have a look at legal aid and see what i can do, as i am determined and very serious about doing something about this. I think, in some ways, it violates human rights laws. People have the right to be able to live comfortably within any dwelling. So overall, I will take action. Somehow.


I am feeling better after posting this, bc I have never talked to someone who isn't family about this. It is a weight off of my shoulders for the time being. After the last rent increase a few months ago, i promised myself that if the rent rises again, I'm going to start to do something about it. I am fed up.


As weird as this is about to sound, it spreads awareness -> I am thinking of also reaching out to a tiktokker called Purplepingers, he visits and talks about shitty rentals, and i think this one is a good one to put out onto his page, depending on what my grandma thinks first though. she is already stressed enough. I want to help make a change in this rental crisis and I guess it starts with the small things first. Small things make big changes. 


Thanks heaps again for the advice, it helps alot. I'm only 19 and know hardly what to do about this lol. I'm definately looking at legal aid after this!






Who rated this post