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a weird tip to prevent uncomfy feelings

Hey yall!

So as usual, there is a lottt of disturbing content on the internet that can make us incredibly uncomfortable and just stick in our brains. But I found something that can help with that and that is Tetris. Long story short, experimenters have found that if you play Tetris after experiencing a traumatic event, it can help prevent symptoms of trauma. What's great about this, isn't just limited to "big" traumatic events. Playing Tetris after witnessing something disturbing on the internet or irl can help in getting rid of that uncomfortable feeling.

For example, sometimes I stumble across images of analog horror which creep me out to the point where it sticks in my brain and can even keep me up at night. But now after I witness any sort of analog horror content, I play a quick game of Tetris and the content doesn't stick in my brain for as long or sometimes not at all! 

Just a heads up that this won't completely get rid of any trauma, it's just a fun lil handy tip I found that can be applied to help prevent any yucky images sticking in your brain. I replied to a post mentioning this a few weeks ago but I thought I'd make a seperate post about it cause it does help me out from time to time 😆

Anyways stay safe everyone! ❤️

Who rated this post