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Hey @miso_soup ! Usually when I start to feel I'm using certain apps way too much or mindlessly scrolling too much I end up just deleting the app for a little bit 😅 I'm usually too lazy to download it again if I just want to use it to scroll out of boredom, so that definitely helps. I also think on IPhones you can delete an app from the home page without completely deleting the app from your phone? I think that's a great way to stop yourself from going to the app out of habit as you won't be able to find it straight away and then you have to stop for a moment and think about whether you are going to the app for a particular reason or if you are going out of boredom.


I also know there are apps you can download that can change your phone to black and white, so it makes going onto the apps a bit less appealing (and it doesn't set off the dopamine receptors in your brain as much haha), and there is also other apps that can lock you out of social media apps for a certain amount of time (I think one is called "Freedom"). One app people always talk about is one that grows a virtual tree on your phone when you spend time off of social media apps, which I know a lot of people like! (I think it is called Forest). 


Let me know if you end up trying any of those!

Who rated this post