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Hi @miso_soup , cutting down on screen time and social media can be pretty hard and it's really cool that you've decided this is something that you want to try. I went through a cut back recently, so hopefully I can be a bit helpful!


I've replaced the time I spent mindlessly scrolling on social media with reading. Now, this sounds easy but it can take some time. Essentially, I had to be more mindful about my time on my phone and social media. When I noticed that I wasn't really doing anything, I would make a conscious effort to put down my phone, change environments and leave my phone behind (for example, going from my bedroom to my living room) and picking up a book to read instead. I won't say this is a method that works every time, but I have read 50+ books this year 😅 Is there a hobby that you think could do instead of spending time on social media and devices?


Here's a ReachOut article on 5 ways to reduce your social media use and some strategies on breaking a habit.

Who rated this post