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Hey @miso_soup I definitely understand about using your phone, especially social media, wayyyyy too much.


For me lately, I've been keeping busy with other things. I know it might not work for you, or others reading, but I have recently started a second job and while I'm there, my phone is away and my watch is on DND. I find that when I finish and check my phone, I have anywhere from 15-30 notifications from random things (apps, social media, texts, sport scores) and usually I just clear most of them away since they aren't important.


I definitely agree with some other comments here, I think if I were to delete an app, I would be too lazy to download it again. I did that with Snapchat years ago, and when I did decide to redownload it, I couldn't care less for it so I deleted it again and haven't used it in such a long time.


Also know not to feel too bad if your screen time is high. Unfortunately, we were using phones before and during covid lockdowns, so for most of us, our phones were never out of arms reach. It's hard to break those habits, but it's good that you're wanting to and addressing it. So proud of you 😊

Who rated this post