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Hi @snazzy_pigeon this is a great idea! My tips for all the neurodivergents out there (because that's all my ADHD-brain knows ahaha!):

  • Put a TV show on in the background, preferably something you've seen before/something that is an easy watch (I don't know why but this just makes me focus better, even though it goes against all neurotypical science)
  • Have somebody do something productive next to you that won't distract you (this is called body-doubling!)
  • Have a notebook and pen right next to you for random ideas/things to do/thoughts that pop up when you're studying (this way you won't forget them but you don't need to do them right away)
  • Promise yourself a reward for completing a certain task/studying for x amount of time (for example, I'll promise myself a bit of chocolate if I finish an assessment)
  • Don't be too hard on yourself! Sometimes your brain simply says 'no' to studying and there is nothing you can do about it, and that's okay. Take a break, do some self-care and try again tomorrow ♥️
Who rated this post