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Hi @Red_Flamingo


Thank you so much for sharing what's been going on with you at the moment. It can be really challenging having roommates who don't contribute to keeping the shared spaces clean and even more challenging when they don't care. Do you have a roommate group chat or something similar where you can bring up concerns? I know it can be anxiety-inducing but sometimes it helps to point out specific things that are bothering you (for example, the clothes on the drying rack). It can feel like nagging, but I think you are totally in your right to set some boundaries. Have you talked with them about setting some 'rules' or cleaning rosters for the household? 


Thank you for sharing what you've been learning in therapy. It sounds like you've been learning a lot, but that can be overwhelming or confusing sometimes. For me, I would describe sadness as a hopeless or disappointing sinking feeling like your heart is heavy or breaking. Honestly, it is a hard feeling to explain so your psych is asking you a very difficult question. I think sadness covers a broad range of reactions and emotional states and it is different for everyone ❤️


Good luck with your uni work! What are you studying?

Who rated this post