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Hi @snazzy_pigeon


This is a lovely idea! I'm taking a break from studying at the moment but I definitely have some tips for focussing. The one that helps me the most is time-blocking. It doesn't work for everyone but when I give myself a specific schedule to follow, it's like my brain stops procrastinating and just follows it. When I know that I get to have a break at x time, then I am focused until that time. It's like giving yourself deadlines so that the pressure spurs you to study/work. I schedule in EVERYTHING, even breaks to eat or do self-care/hobbies. I just open my notes app in the morning and then give myself dedicated blocks for each thing I need to get done (e.g. readings 10:30-11:45, essay 11:45-1, lunch 1-2). I don't do this every day (that would be exhausting) but it helps on days where I really need to knuckle down and get things done. 


The other thing that helped me so much at uni was studying with others. When with other people (not even necessarily from my course), they keep me accountable just by being there. I got the most work done when studying at uni with other people. But this can be a double-edged sword if you are sitting with someone talkative so make sure to pick your study buddies wisely!


Another thing that helps me focus is having a desk that I actually like sitting at. I just cannot concentrate if I am uncomfortable so I made sure to get a chair that's comfy, a cheap monitor that means I don't have to bend my neck to look at my laptop (but a laptop stand or stack of books also works) and I even put a little foot heater I found under the desk so that my feet are warm in the winter. I find myself actually wanting to sit at my desk because it is a space that I really like and am proud of. And once I'm sitting at my desk then I may as well work/study!


I also like to put on study music or light a candle etc. It's kind of like how getting into your workout gear means you are almost definitely going to the gym. At that point, it feels like more of an inconvenience to not go. So I do the same thing with studying by setting up the ambience, ready to go. When I've already lit my candle and put on my music, then it's like I have to study or it'd be a waste. 


The last thing is keeping my space tidy. Physical clutter can lead to brain clutter too! If my space is tidy then it feels like I can properly focus at the task on hand without mentally creating a checklist of cleaning that I have to do. I make sure to keep this manageable by doing small things every day to keep my room tidy (e.g. putting away things right after I've used them). 


Best of luck with your exams!! 🥰

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