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Hey @Pink_Clover,

Welcome to the youth community!

I appreciate you so much for coming on and sharing how you've been feeling about uni. It sounds like you've really been struggling with a lot of the things that come with such intense study, not just the content itself but all the other stuff too. I can hear that you're feeling really lost and like you don't belong there, and I understand feeling that way when you're not finding any interest in studying pharmacy.


I think its great that you've been thinking about what you want to do and making plans for how you can make that happen, sometimes experiencing something is what you need to go through to really figure out if it's what you want to do. From what you mentioned, there's a lot of pressure on your shoulders to follow through with uni, but you're really struggling to find much interest in what you're studying despite trying. It sounds like its coming from a good place but your mum is struggling to understand where you're coming from and what you're feeling right now. It can be so difficult trying to communicate how you're feeling when you're dealing with expectations which don't really align with what you want, this article has some good info on getting your parents to really listen to you


Having that kind of pressure weighing on you is really tough when you're trying to do what's best for yourself. I thought I'd share this article which talks about  dealing with pressure from your parents. I can imagine that your mum having that reaction to you opening up is really difficult, having a conflict like that can have a big impact on how we look after ourselves. I'm curious if you have any self-care strategies or things you can do to look after your own wellbeing right now?


I'm so glad to hear that you've got such great friends to support you, and its nice to hear your brother and your dad are there for you too. It can help having someone there with you who understands and it sounds like your brother has been through a really similar situation. Would you feel comfortable talking to them about what you're going through right now?

Do you have any other supports you might be able to rely on while you're navigating things right now?


It's totally normal and valid not wanting to feel stuck doing something you don't enjoy, and I understand wanting to make a change. It's your decision in the end, and I thought I'd share this article for when you're thinking about dropping out


Also, just letting you know, we have added a trigger warning to your post and edited it so it aligns with our community guidelines

Looking forward to your response!

Who rated this post