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Elmo's Most Recent Adventures

Hello everyone! I'm back from my somewhat accidental hiatus Smiley Tongue


I hope you're all doing well Smiley Happy Here's what's been happening from me for the last few weeks.

  • I got a phone! My OT was like 'roseisnotaplant, you need to be more social. Get a phone by our next appointment,' and I was like 'OKAY CALM DOWN,' but it was chill. So I'm learning about the whole smartphone thing. For all of you normal people who have had iPhones for the last twenty years, how does it work? Should I set myself some rules around usage? Are there some apps i NEED to download? Help?
  • I've kind of got a new friendship group at school now, and I get along pretty well with everyone. They're all pretty cool Smiley Happy The only thing is (and I know that these are probably irrational insecurities but oh well) I feel kind of like I don't belong. Like it was a fairly well established group before I joined, and I've been friends with a few of them for years, but a lot are pretty new to me. Can someone tell me I'm being ridiculous and that it's so chill and they totally love having me around pls Smiley Tongue I think I'm worried about this because I had some really crap friends last year who were really clingy and really brought me down and I don't want to do that to anyone else, you know?
  • Went on this pre-uni camp thing in the city. Made some awesome friends. Learned some new stuff. Had a great time. I didn't really want to go, but I'm really glad I did, so a message to future me for similar situations: JUST GO DUDE. IT'LL BE FUN. THERE'S NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

There's probably some other stuff I've forgotten, but that's all I can think of rn. I'm on school holidays now, which I REALLY needed. We go back next week, but that's okay (so long as I do all my homeowork...).


Happy Thursday Smiley Very Happy


Re: Elmo's Most Recent Adventures

Hi @roseisnotaplant
This is such a lovely thread, I love how you really walked us through what's been going on Smiley Happy

I have an iPhone! It takes a while to get used to it but I think the main apps you want to make sure you have is the google maps app haha. Plus if you use Facebook it's super handy to have the Facebook app and Facebook messenger app (they're separate).

It's really awesome that you've made new friends! The pre-uni camp thing sounds like it was awesome! I totally relate to your initial hesitation to go because often my first reaction is to run away from events but they can actually end up being really rewarding and fun. I'm really glad you've had such a great outcome!

Please keep us updated! It's really great to have you back on the forums!


Re: Elmo's Most Recent Adventures

Thanks @missep! I learned that facebook and messenger are two different apps the hard way, haha Smiley Tongue My friends thought it was hilarious.

Re: Elmo's Most Recent Adventures

Hey @roseisnotaplant, I'm so happy to hear about all these positive developments in your life! Welcome to the world of smartphone usage! I have a Samsung, so I can't offer any iPhone specific tips, but I know @lokifish had a great policy of not using their phone/technology after around 8pm, which might be one way of keeping usage to a reasonable amount.

What do you reckon?

Keep us updated on your adventures!!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Elmo's Most Recent Adventures

I don't have an iPhone either @letitgo I have like this weird Microsoft thing - I'm just kind of in the habit of calling all smart phones iPhones haha Smiley Tongue