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Quotes *Trigger Warning*

Hey everyone. So I wanted to make a quotes page but I know that that's been done already. So, with these quotes they're going to be quotes or just images that define who you are, who you were, or who you will be. I included a trigger warning because I know that some quotes may include the mention of self harm or suicidal thoughts. These images can even be things like comic strips that define how you're feeling, it doesn't all have to be negative. The big thing will be that it doesn't have to be a quote, it can just be an image. A meme, a quote, a cartoon, I don't care.

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Hey @Zeldasmile I love the idea of sharing quotes, pics or memes about "who you are, who you were, or who you will be"  Heart


Just a reminder that we need to be very mindful that RO is a platform for 14 - 25 year olds and we need to try and maintain a positive, supportive and safe space for this entire age group. This is why we tend to avoid, as much as we can, content related to topics that can trigger others, like, self-harm or suicide and we never "post graphic details about self-harming behaviour, suicide method, abuse, eating disorders or other info may be harmful or triggering to others (this includes specific weights/measurements, weight-loss/dieting methods and medication details)". 


I do look forward to seeing everyone's posts about who they are and how they're feeling! 

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Well i saw a card a small shop the other day before work so I’m going to go with that.



some days you are the pigeons and other days you are the statue beneath them..


i must say that due to recent events i am definitely the statue

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