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Self love languages

So something I've always found super interesting is systems that try and capture a comprehensive overview of how people operate (not sure how to phrase that better... The best example I can think of is the myers Briggs personality types?).


Another one is the love languages theory, which suggests there are 5 categories that acts of love fit into, and that people generally find one or two of these come more naturally to them. 


Then I recently came across this image, which applies that theory to self love:


(No idea if that image will work, I'm on my phone so we'll see)


For me it makes self care/self love seem so much simpler and more achievable. I think my main self love language is physical touch (going to the beach to appreciate sensory input, and being physically active playing sports are methods of self care I usually find most effective/ easy to do). I think secondary ones are gifts (especially buying myself tasty food I don't usually have) and quality time (doing things I enjoy by myself). 


If you feel like sharing, what self love languages work best for you and what does that look like? Bonus question: does it fit with your love language for other people? (Mine does)



Re: Self love languages

@hellofriend This is an awesome post! I don't know too much about the love language theory but I can understand that there would be different categories for this! 


The picture you shared worked and I am definitely an acts of service type of girl. Scheduling, cleaning, delegating and going out are the things I automatically connected with on that. 

My second option would be quality time I think, I definitely just like to curl up and binge watch TV!


I can also say I am not a words of affirmation person and I have tried a few of those before because I know how great affirmations and journalling can be. Although I didn't give it much of a chance, I wonder if i persisted with trying these methods if they would stick! 


Bonus Question: I'm not really sure! I don't know what my love language to other people is. 


Re: Self love languages

Ooooh, great thread @hellofriend!


My self-love languages are either Quality Time or Words of Affirmation - probably more quality time. I tend to unwind by reading or writing or colouring in, and having the house to myself allows me to recharge in the fullest way. terms of love languages for other people, mine would be Quality Time (again!) and Words of Affirmation. When I care about someone, I'm constantly telling them how great they are, because it's so important to me that they know how much they mean to me. I think that answers the question...I hope so! Smiley Happy  

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Re: Self love languages

I love this thread @hellofriend  !! it really gives me so many ideas of what to do for self care. 

There's something in every category that I enjoy doing for myself. 

l love all the self-love!! 



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