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Re: Things I like in this world

I love seeing how this thread has grown! Affirming things like this is a lovely way to self-care!

Re: Things I like in this world

What a wholesome way to start my morning/ day! So happy I stumbled across this Smiley Very Happy


Here are some of the things that I like: 

- Giving and receiving hugs

- Acting goofy with your friends (even if people are watching)

- Catching up on the latest anime releases 

- Having deep meaningful conversations

- Spontaneous adventures 

- Cats! (I love cats) 


Re: Things I like in this world

This thread makes me so happy! 


I am grateful for: 

- Having friends that are all different and unique in their own way 

- Days where the sun is shining and it's bursting through my windows 

- Days where it's rainy and I can stay home and keep warm/have a bath/watch movies 

- Music, singing and dancing. All these things make me feel most connected to myself. 

- Gardening and watching things grow 

- Going to the markets on a Sunday and eating my fave breakfast 

- Incense 

- My beautiful puppy who gives me cuddles in the morning and makes me laugh all day 

- My morning coffee 

- Being part of this community and watching people connect with each other 


Re: Things I like in this world

So agree! I seem to keep coming back to this thread whenever I feel a little down because it just reminds me of the things that I love and it really warms my heart

Re: Things I like in this world

Hugs are my absolute favourite! And yes omg haha I get second hand embarrassment but I also secretly still love it and think it's so freeing and empowering to be goofy and just not care what other people think of you! @Sunnybear 

Re: Things I like in this world

All things I love too! Unfortunately don't have a puppy (so jealous!) haha but I'll live vicariously through you Smiley LOL I love love love dogs! @Bre-RO 

Re: Things I like in this world

I just really wanna keep this cute thread going so I'm gonna tag a few more people! Heart

I hope it helps make your day a little better going through these! 


@Bingo1234 @Wathan @Macaria @Tiny_leaf @indieinsanus @tessy1824 @delicatedreamer @PhoneMomma @Jardin @Eden1717 @justkeepswimming  @nixh @Quuuuueeeen @ruthxxx @Wilheim @rainbowcats157 

Re: Things I like in this world

Such an awesome thread! I really, really love when I get the chance to sit down with my partner and have a break from everything going on whilst we have sips of our coffees! It really helps me relax and enjoy being in the moment Smiley Happy

Re: Things I like in this world

- My mates, I like playing games with them, talking to them, and showing them funny videos.

- Sportscars, they're always so beautiful and sexy.

- Phones, my phones are like children to me.

- My hair, I love doing my hair and experimenting with it.

- Makeup, I love being able to put on makeup, for any reason.

- Music, a world without music would be dull, very dull.

- Sewing, I love making my own clothes.

- Knight Rider; one word - KITT.

- That'll Teach 'Em, it's really funny, all the teachers say the darndest things. 



Re: Things I like in this world

@ayrc_1904  I just have to say how much I love this thread! Such a lovely reminder to remember the things that make our hearts sing


- I love how smells can transport me back through time - I have some gardenias in pots that are finally flowering, and the smell takes me right back to visiting my Nanna's house as a kid and all of the amazing memories we had with her

-  I love seeing new things and exploring new places, I've been spending some time planning some trips for later in the year, and even if they may not happen when I hope, it's filling me with excitement thinking about all of the things I'd love to see

- I love reading a new book that takes me to a totally different place

- I love randomly chatting to people at bus stops /in cafes

- I love spending time in the garden, getting my hands dirty and eating food that we have grown. It also fills me with so much appreciation for our farmers when I see how long it takes us to grow a handful of carrots lol

- I love hearing a piece of music that I loved years ago and still remembering every mood and I how I felt back then


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