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Three A Day!

Hi guys,


I thought I might just post a topic based on something I have recently introduced into my life over the past six months. I started doing this to combat feelings of worthlessness, this overwhelming sense of guilt I have that makes me feel as if I am not taking full advantage of the privileges I have been given as a member of Australian society.


I always felt as if I deserved less for not doing more and that nothing I was doing was making any difference so after reading a few of those corny self help books (none of which I could bare to read in their entirety) I modified some of the messages that they seemed to be sending in order to suit me and because I feel they have done some good I thought that I may share them with you to see if you can get the same feeling of personal success out of this strategy as I do.


Simply do three things a day:

1. Do something that brings you happiness either in the present or that will build to happiness in the future

E.g... Go to the gym and workout or simply plan a workout strategy that you can accomplish when you are able to follow through with it.


2. Do something to benefit the lives of a person or people around you.

This one is probably the one I find the easiest to accomplish and it can range from helping a friend or sibling with homework or study in a class that you find easier than they do or even just do someone else's chores so that they can take the time to do something for themselves. This can even include giving a friendly smile to someone who looks as if they need it when you pass them in the street.


3. Do something to make the world a better place.

This sometimes takes some imagination. I am currently studying to learn how to create a non-profit which will deal with improving the lives of underprivileged and disadvantaged members of the world community, so every bit I do towards completing this course and consequently expanding my knowledge can be a part of this. If you aren't undertaking such an endeavour a simple thing like picking up ten pieces of rubbish off of the street, alerting the police to a crime taking place or donating a bit of time or money to charity can all be done.


This approach to my day keeps me focused on my goals and makes me feel as if I am doing good and accomplishing things of worth every day. I find it best to start planning what three things I will do the night before just as I lay down to sleep and then asking myself either verbally or mentally what these things will be the moment I wake up in the morning.


As I said before this has worked well for me so I thought I might share it and suggest you give it a go yourself if it sounds like something you would be willing to give a shot for a week or two. I would like to hear your responses to this daily task, if you thought it was worth doing or how it impacted you if you chose to give it a shot so feel free to post any responses and criticisms here!


Just remember: these 3 tasks probably won't take up a lot of your day because work/life/employment commitments tend to get in the way but even if it only takes a total of 5 minutes for you to complete all three I still find it is good to reflect on them positively when the day is through and I find myself asking "what have you ever done that is any good to anybody?" because I always have three recent examples ready to rebut those dark voices.


Stay Gold!




Re: Three A Day!

Nice one Benny - some pearls of wisdom there!!! Smiley Happy

Online Community Manager


Re: Three A Day!

Thanks for the food for thought Benny! Smiley Happy 


Re: Three A Day!

Awesome- if only it wasn't so easy to be so self critical!! Smiley Sad 


Re: Three A Day!

I know, I have real problems with it.

I started keeping track of how many times I put myself down in a day and converted them into burpees... I didn't cut down but at least I got fit!


Re: Three A Day!

Man, burpees aren't easy! A great way to either get fit or get happy :-)

"Stay gold"? I sense another S.E. Hinton fan in our midst. My favourite teacher give me a card saying only "Stay gold pony boy" when I left school. It was the sweetest thing.