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Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to skin a cat


1. Teeth

2. Knife

3. Bunsen Burner

4. Disc Sander

5. Predator

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to gain muscle mass

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Exercise
2. Magic
3. Eat well
4. More Magic
5. Get fake muscles?

5 ways to find new music

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Youtube

2. Itunes

3. Spotify

4. Radio

5. Ask your friends


5 ways to make breakfast 

Re: 5 ways to...

1. In a blender
2. By magic
3. Get someone else to make it
4. Buy it from the bakery
5. Use a microwave

5 ways to stay warm

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Light a fire

2. Get all snuggly with blankets and stuffed toys

3. Turn on the heater

4. Set fire to the house

5. Set fire to yourself


5 ways to stay cool 


Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Swim
2. Sit in front of the air-con
3. Sit in the fridge/freezer
4. Move to the opposite side of the world
5. Wear cool clothes

5 Ways to eat a banana

Re: 5 ways to...

1. As a banana split

2. In a smoothie

3. Mashed on a sandwich

4. Baked into a muffin

5. Peel it and eat it au natural!


5 ways to make a baby laugh

Re: 5 ways to...

1. Blow rasberries

2. Make funny faces

3. Push them on a swing

4. Play peek a boo

5. Sing


5 ways to avoid boredom 

Re: 5 ways to...

5 ways to avoid boredom!


1. Play around on RO Smiley Wink

2. Read an awesome book

3. Phone a friend

4. Tidy bedroom/sort through wardrobe

5. Take the dog for a walk


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