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Body Image

Hello Everyone, 


I literally just joined 10 minutes ago as things have been tough lately. 


Body Image... the word gives me anxiety. I gain and gain and keep gaining weight. I want to just stop eating all together really. I'm sick of hearing 'you will never get fat' and 'you are quite skinny'. That is all judgement from the outside of my clothes. But under all that clothing I feel disgusting. My butt is getting fatter, my stomach has become a balloon and don't get me started on my thunder thighs. I want guidence, but I also want to rant anonymously. I want to stop eating but I am in the middle of assessments and I feel it is best if I get them over with, I can finally become skinny. Although, I have attempted to eat less, and I'm either on the verge of fainting or my stomach rumbles SO loud in class that it becomes embarrising. It just shows how I eat so much on a daily basis, that I can't stand a couple of days without eating. I'm such a pig ): I honestly don't have any close friends right now, we have drifted. Plus if I told my family/parents they would go crazy protective. I don't want help, I want to be skinny. 


I guess I need online friends who I can rant to and not get judged :/ 

Re: Body Image

Hey @kalipsokiki, welcome to RO Smiley Happy


It seems like there's a lot going on in your life at the moment (literally, with all of those assignments!), and it also seems like you're thinking a lot about food and your body. When you're gaining weight, the pressure to try and control your eating habits can get pretty strong, and you might even think about stopping eating, as you have. However, eating is a human need which you have to do every day, so it's a bit unrealistic and unhealthy to stop eating entirely, or even go without food for days at a time. Also, if you're feeling faint and hearing your stomach rumble, that's a sign that your body is needing food.


You mentioned that you don't really feel comfortable talking to your friends or family about how you feel about food and your body weight, but do you know anyone else whom you could talk to? A different adult from school, or just anyone else you might think would be helpful to talk to? 

Re: Body Image

@kalipsokiki Body image is such a heavy topic in today's society especially in females. Stigma around this issue sucks as well. . You have to feel comfortable in your own body, to be happy within yourself. Just wondering how you are going with this and if you have figured out a useful strategies for yourself?