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moving away from home

You’re 39,000 feet in the air, cruising along, the wind gently caressing your hair as your flock of orphaned Canadian geese fly beside you. This may or may not be the beginning to your experience of moving away from home but if it is, congratulations, you have replicated the storyline of a beautiful 90’s movie called “fly away home” (If you haven’t seen it stop reading and watch it right now if possible, keep all limbs within your flying vehicle if you are actually inside a flying vehicle at this moment).



There are many reasons why a person might decide to leave their family home, for some it’s an exciting journey that is made with the guidance of a loving family who supports them to find their feet. Where mum visits once a week to provide sustenance in the form of glorious Tupperware containers filled with much needed nutrients that aren’t being supplied from the sole intake of 2 minute noodles.



^ How to adult correctly


For others moving out can be messy, confusing and scary, it might be an escape from a damaging home environment, and some might not even have a home to leave... Keeping yourself well when you reach this point in life is no easy task, school is not much help in teaching us how the real world works. Paying bills, insurance, and providing your body with food that isn’t out of a packet or a can are all things that are thrown at us as we try to balance the whirlwind of emotions of being a functioning member of the adult species (protip: no one really knows what they are doing anyway).


^ All the emotions of moving out


For whatever reason it may be that you find yourself filling your pillowcase with everything you own and embarking out there into the world. Whether you are just thinking about what it might be like to move out, taking the first steps or you have already flown across the world with your geese in tow, landed in a new place and are doing all the adult things.


We invite you to join us on Monday the 4th of April from 8pm AEST to talk about how you can be healthy when you move away from home. 

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Re: moving away from home

Hi everyone!

Welcome back to those who have attended many a GR session, and WELCOME to those who might be joining us for their very first Getting Real here on RO! I'll be co-facilitating alongside @RecoveryandHope and @Ben-RO


We are delighted tonight to discuss moving away from home. All the confusing, exciting, wonderful things that are involved and the smorgasbord of emotions that come with spreading your wings, leaving the family home and becoming an independant butterfly!


If for any reason you feel distressed or need to talk to someone please do no hesitate to contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or KHL 1800 55 1800

Also, please keep in mind our community guidelines for the duration of the discussion


Let's kick off with our first question: When is it a good time for a person to move out for the first time (or to start making plans)?

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Hey guys. Sorry for any slowness or typos. I can't log in from my laptop, website error. Can't wait to chat!

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Hey @N1ghtW1ng, good to have you here! And no worries, just post when you can Smiley Happy

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Greetings @N1ghtW1ng!


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Hey everyone!
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

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Good to see you @j95 !

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Hey there @j95!!

Re: moving away from home

A good time to move out is hard to say. Although any time is a good time to plan. While plans get better the older you are, say plans from after high school compared to those from.

Re: moving away from home

When is it a good time for a person to move out for the first time (or to start making plans)?

I think it's entirely up to the individual and their circumstances, I know people who still live at home in their mid twenties but I also know people who moved out as soon they possibly could
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//