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Re: ATSI Gathering Place


Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime


How are you going today? I am so sorry for loss and sending you lots of support. 


I lost my grandmother a few years back and I was unable to attend her funeral too. It's really heart breaking to think you miss that chance to say good bye. On the day of her funeral I had my own memorial for her in my own way, I sat and thought about all my favourite things I did with her, I had a curry for lunch because she loved them! I even walked around the same way she did, which made me laugh because she always walked really funny with her hands resting on her bum Smiley Happy. Perhaps this could be something you could try to do? 



Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Also, Hello Everyone! 


This thread fills my heart with so much joy! What a beautiful place to see so many of us mob here having a yarn! 


I am a Nywaigi woman from NQ! Considered a little rain forest tribe, our land is full of beautiful wetlands! 


In my spare time, I tend to laze around at home and netflix/read. 


In my opinion, the best thing about being ATSI is the instant connection you feel with our mob. The ties we create are so strong and for life, our eagerness to support each other, praise each other and share knowledge with each other is what I love. 


Looking forward to getting to know you all!! 

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Hello @lennycat2017, thank you so much for sharing! Smiley Happy I don't identify as ATSI, but I've found that connection you refer to so inspiring! Something that we can learn from, that's for sure!

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

@Lan-RO page 9

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime I'm really sorry for your loss, that's sad news Smiley Sad What have you been doing to look after yourself tonight? Heart