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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Shadow, I LOVE your party list. Pacino, Margaret Throsby and Mr Squiggle - brilliant. I want to come to!

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

I have a problem with figuring out if I want to talk to the real person or the character they played


1) David Tennant/ the Doctor- I need to charm him into taking me into his TARDIS

2) Mariska Hargitay/ Olivia Bension- She is an awesome det on SVU, I want to know what drives her to get out of bed everyday

3) Elmo- why is he always so bubbly and happy? 

4) Chris Brown (Bondi Vet)- typical Aussie bloke with love for animals? Husband material

5) Alex Kingston/ River Song- What is it like to be driven to kill the Doctor and then fall in love with him? 


Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

1. Hayley Williams: lead singer of Paramore (I've met her, best. ever.)

2. JennaMarbles: I mean, how insane would dinner with Jenna be? It would probably turn into a party!!

3. Ellen Hopkins: My favourite author... like ever. 

4. Ellen Degeneres: Brilliant, funny, positive person. As long as she didn't scare me, it would all be good!

5. Jenna Mcdougall: Lead singer of Tonight Alive (I've met her too, she's so awesome)



@Tahlia: I think you and I have a very simular music taste, I mean... I love MCR and YM@6


Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Hi new here, so here it goes

1) Lady Gaga- inspiration

2) Homer- not Simpsons but Ancient Greek play write 

3) Toulouse Loutrec- to talk about arts in Paris 

4) Sookie Stackhouse- True Blood heroine, she amazes me in how she gets her self out of trouble continually 

5) Russell Brand- just for his take the piss humour which I can't enjoy at the moment 




Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

My ultimate dinner party guest list would be as follows:


1: Taylor Swift-Im actually in love with the idea of this perfect woman.

2: Michael Jordan-Just to converse with someone who is the best at something.

3: L. Ron Hubbard-Every party needs insanity. And this man would bring it in droves.(Guests can be dead, right?)

4: Stephen Hawking-I would love to just attempt to pretend that I understood 1% of what he knows about the universe.

5: Tyler Perry-So everyone could throw food at him, for making terrible, terrible films. So incredibly terrible.



Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Hmm. This is hard! Great idea for a thread Smiley Happy

1. Delta Goodrem because she is such a positive and inspiring person and seems really nice. I'd also love to talk her about piano and singing because they are two of my passions also.
2. Darren Lockyer because I've been a fan of his since before I can remember and I would love to talk footy with him.
3. Ray Meagher because he seems like a nice bloke and could throw out a few of my favourite Alf-isms Smiley Happy
4. Maggie Smith because she seems like an awesome lady and and has acted in some of my favourite things (such as Downton Abbey and Harry Potter).
5. JK Rowling so she can answer all of my questions about characters in the HP books!

Looking back that seems like a pretty odd bunch, haha! It was hard to choose... There are so many more people I could add.

Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Well well. This is going to be hard.


# 1. The amazingly fantastic Tim Burton, he is a childhood hero of mine.


#2. The epicly awkward Michael Cera, no reason neccesary.


#3. The comedy genius Miss Kathy Griffin, she is just epic.


#4. The Dalai Lama of Tibet,Tenzi Gyatso, like seriously, why not?


#5. The King of Crimpin' Noel Fielding, he is just.. ahhhh... mazing.


Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

J K Rowling, because role models for the win.

The Doctor, because what I could learn from him over one meal would be more than my teachers could teach me in a year.

Arthur Dent, because I think he'd quite like a nice meal and I could give him the hug I think he so desperately needs.

Sherlock Holmes (BBC version), because if there isn't the chance that everyone on the table ends up shouting at each other there is no point in going.

John Watson (BBC version), because Sherlock will need someone on his side when the others start shouting. Also, because the Watson/Dent mindfuck would be too good to pass up.


Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

Bringing back this thread!


@letitgo I feel as though you in particular would love this one! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Dinner with 5 characters or celebrities

@lokifish you know me so well! I LOVE it!! Smiley Happy


Hmmm my five would be...

1. Demi Lovato (of course, queen of mental health advocacy!)

2. Marsha Linehan (famous psychologist)

3. Sierra deMulder (spoken word poet)

4. JK Rowling

5. Probably Hayley Williams, of Paramore

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