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Re: Dragons, Bullying And Us

@NightNadder23 just because you asked so nicely, i've updated your permissions so you can change yours Smiley Happy


But remember to stay anonymous!


To change it, you'll need to be on a computer, not a mobile. Then just click on your profile picture, and then click on it again when your profile page loads. It should let you upload a new image now Smiley Happy


Re: Dragons, Bullying And Us

@NightNadder23 A Builder is someone who applies to volunteer helping out in the community. They do a bit of peer-support, help write blogs and also make cool threads to get conversations going (like this great thread you have made). I'm just about to start taking applications again, so if you're interested i'll send you the form when it goes up (hopefulllly next week!)


There's two types of Moderators, the first and most important group are the volunteer mods. To become a mod you have to be over 18, contribute as a Builder for at least 2 hours a week for a couple of months AND successfully apply. We can only afford to train 20 a year so it's a bit competitive!


The other type of Mod is like me, we work for RO and we help make sure everything is going okay and keep people safe if they're having trouble being safe themselves.


If you look under a username you'll see what rank or role they have in the community Smiley Happy