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Favourite recipes?

Hey guys! I've found that baking has really helped me boost my mood during iso. It makes me feel productive and as though I've achieved something throughout my day. Does anyone have any favourite recipes?

Re: Favourite recipes?

Lazy chocolate truffles! It's super easy to make and easy to clean up afterwards!


Warm condensed milk in a pot, turn off the heat then mix in lots of cocoa powder until you get the consistency you want (I just use a wooden spatula to mix in the powder, no mixer needed!). Chill in the fridge then cut it up into bite size. Tadaaa Smiley LOL



Re: Favourite recipes?

Hey there!

I have also really found a lot of joy in cooking and baking in the last few months. My boyfriend and I have been making pancakes and we finally perfected a vegan recipe. We kind of wing it with the figures though so bear with me.


-2 cups oat flour ( 2 cups of oats blended in a high powered blender like a NutriBullet or something)

-3 bananas

-1 cup almond milk

-a dash of vanilla essence

-1-2 tsps of cinnamon (depending on how much you like the flavour)

-a sprinkle of salt (to heightened the flavour)



1. Mix all the ingredients together adding more almond milk if the mixture is way too powdery or thick or adding more oat flour if the mixture is too runny.

2. Spray a frypan with olive oil and then heat on the stove for about a minute.

3. Turn the frypan onto low heat and then spoon a dollop of pancake on. Leave for a minute or so until the edges start to bubble (but it won't always so you just have to keep an eye out and make sure you're not burning it- we like ours a little dark/on the close to burning side to be honest Smiley LOL )

4. Flip the pancake with a wide flat spatula.

5. Place on a plate and put in the oven to keep warm until all the pancakes are ready to be served.

6. Top with toppings of your choice! Like peanut butter, maple syrup and fruit or Nutella or smooth ricotta (mixed with honey and cinnamon) if you don't mind that it no longer becomes vegan if you add this Smiley Happy