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Fun Uses for a Blank Notebook

Hi all,

I recently ordered some new stationery as some shops have had online sales and one of the things I ordered came with a blank notebook. I usually use notebooks for journalling or writing short stories (I do my planning in a dated diary or planner, as well as with apps), but I thought I could use this notebook to do something fun during self-isolation. Writing in a notebook can be a great way to have a digital detox and take time away from social media and sad news stories.

So far, I've thought of these ideas for pages or journals:
1. Movies/books you want to check out. Tick them off as you go along, give them a rating and write a quote, your favourite part or something you've learned from them.
2. A TV show tracker. Keep track of which episodes you've seen and where you're up to.
3. A stargazing journal. Keep track of which direction you tend to stargaze from (for example, which direction your balcony or backyard faces) and draw or write down the constellations that you see. You could also write down some facts about the stars that you see. If you're into astrophotography, you could include your photos.
4. A keepsake journal. You could stick envelopes or DIY pockets to the notebook to put letters or small trinkets inside. You could write what the items mean to you or a special memory associated with them.
5. A DIY journal. It could include fabric swatches, patterns, instructions or project ideas.
6. A pixel art journal. You could turn the grid of a bullet journal notebook into a mosaic.
7. A nature journal. You could stick leaves or press flowers in between the pages, or use an app like iNaturalist,  Google Lens or PictureThis to identify plants, flowers, insects and reptiles from around your home, write facts about them, draw them, etc.
8. An exercise journal. You could plan out which forms of exercise you want to do and tick them off.
9. A gratitude journal.
10. A five things/mindfulness journal.
11. A 'Today I learned' journal. You could write down one new thing you've learned each day.
12. A photograph or drawing a day journal.
13. A year in pixels or mood tracker. If you want to go further you could add what you were doing on each day.
14. A colouring in page a day. Print out or stick a colouring in page into the notebook.
15. A puzzle a day. Print out or stick a puzzle into the notebook.
16. An unread letters/love letters journal (they don't have to be romantic but can be about family or friends too).
17. A thought record. Write down random thoughts that come to you throughout the day.
18. A quotes page or journal.
19. A sticker collection journal or page.
20. Vision boards/images of things you love and get inspiration from.
21. An island planning journal for Animal Crossing. You could sketch out what you want your island to look like, write down villagers' birthdays, important events, keep track of what you've donated to the museum, etc.
22. A habit tracking page or journal.
23. Your favourite songs or lyrics and what they mean to you.
24. A haiku or poem a day.
25. A dream journal. Write down what happened in your dreams and what you would change about the dream if it's a nightmare. You could read it before you go to bed.
26. A recipe journal.
27. A wishlist. Alternatively, you could write down what you are looking forward to in the future.
28. A kindness journal. You could write down a good deed you've done, or one that you're planning to do, and how it made you feel.
29. A travel journal. You could stick a print out of a world map and colour in the places that you've visited, keep mementos, write what you did and liked about the places that you've visited.
30. Hand lettering/calligraphy practice.
31. Papercrafting. You could use the notebook to create things like gift tags, bookmarks, paper snowflakes, etc.
32. Coin tracing/rubbing. Trace coins that you've collected from around the world, or use this technique to create interesting artworks.
33. A sentence a day journal. This could be a sentence to sum up the day or you could look up conversation starters or journalling prompts. You could leave room to do this for a few years and see how your responses have changed.
34. A DIY flipbook.
35. Spirograph artwork.

I'd love to hear other people's ideas! Feel free to post photos of your notebooks too! Smiley Happy


Re: Fun Uses for a Blank Notebook

Wow @WheresMySquishy, so many awesome ideas! Now I'm also inspired to do a drawing each day. And thanks for sharing the nature apps - I will be checking them out Smiley Happy


Some other ideas:

  • List of songs to learn to play on a musical instrument
  • Making collages from pictures in magazines/printed off the internet
  • Word of the day, if learning a new language
  • Fashion designs