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How has your day been?



This is a place where you can discuss how your day is going! And I'd love to know a bit about you as well! Smiley Very Happy


Today, my day has been pretty chill. Trying to finish off my Health assignment on Organ Donation but now I am procrastinating since I am here! Haha! And I still have to right a short story for English then put that into 10 lines of notes and memorise by Thursday which is my exam, in which I have to write a short story. Fun! Just finished dinner and now I am on here!


Although I never find myself stressed which is a good thing, I am pretty chill and an easy going person. I love to relax and watch Netflix or YouTube. Can't wait till I finish high school so I can travel and go the all of the Six Flags (Theme Parks), I love Rollercoasters. I love to talk and chit chat!


If anybody has some studying tips or how to avoid procrastinating please tell me!


I love gifs so feel free to add them in your posts!


Peace Out! Heart

By the way currently 16 in year 10.

(I will hopefully be posting frequently on how my day is going each day, if I remember!)


Re: How has your day been?



So I know that I haven't been on for a bit. Oops!


But my week has been a bit chaotic with school work, and now it is over for the week until next week. Haha.


So on Thursday I had my English Exam and Drama Performance Assessment. English was alright I finished my short story before the double was over which was good but I am pretty sure I missed out some stuff from my notes. Oh well. 


For our drama performance assessment we did a documentary-drama that was rehearsed over the term, and when we did our draft we basically had to start all over again, with only two weeks to basically start from scratch and have it polished. Although the end production was good, although I stumbled on a few words. But that happens.


And yesterday, I had my last school basketball game of the year and we tied with the other team. Which was alright.


So now I am writing this! 


I hope you feel free to tell me how your day has been or what has been happening, even if you consider it to be boring! Smiley Very Happy


I would just like to say if you what to record what your day has been like or feelings in a more secluded place, I would suggest either writing in a journal/diary or an online diary/journal or even on notes (Apple) or memos (Android). I constantly do it (well as much as I can) and it really helps me get things of my chest and lifts weights over my shoulders, even though I am not necessarily telling anyone about what I am going through, it is nice to write it down.


And then in the future you can look back at your younger self (if you decide to use it like a diary/journal) and laugh at the stuff you did! I love going back to when I started writing in 2013 and just smile at how I wrote stuff and what I did write! Smiley Very Happy





I hope I could give some advice!


Hope you are having an excellent day!f9742cca72cf8cfdb260229c51a3f554





Re: How has your day been?

Hey @Bubblycoco How are you?😊

Re: How has your day been?

Hey @Zeldasmile, I am good! How about you?


Just got my first payslip!!!! Woop Woop! Smiley Very HappyDeveX_s-200x150


Also got a Maths Exam tomorrow! ehhhhhhhhhh Smiley Very Happy200











Re: How has your day been?

I've been okay. What have you been up to over the last couple of days?

Re: How has your day been?

Oh, well is everything ok??    


On Saturday, I had a netball game and we lost..




Came back home studied for maths.


Sunday went to work, then after that went to the shops to redeem three free lipsticks, then studied some more.


Today had school, so boring........200_d


Am now procrastinating! Tee-Hee 


What have you been up too @ZeldasmileSmiley Very Happy





Re: How has your day been?

Yeah just feeling a bit triggered I suppose would be the word. You know, I've never understood the fascination with netball. I'd rather be out playing soccer or cricket but that's probably just me and everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I had a German exam today and have another exam on Wednesday so yay. *sarcasm*. I'm still procrastinating from writing a debate that I meant to write on Sunday. Overall, today's been okay. I feel like blasting some Lana Del Ray music because that makes me feel better. 😊

Re: How has your day been?

How are you feeling triggered? (If you don't mind me asking (you don't have to answer))


Yeah, soccer and cricket aren't really my thing. Smiley Very Happy I don't watch sports though, pretty boring...


How was your German exam?????


OO I did debating, with my last round being last Wednesday... Yeah we lost haha. Although, I don't know if I will continue to do it next year. 


I don't listen to Lana Del Ray much, I only know her songs that were on the charts, which was like ages ago...................


 This is really random, I know Smiley Very Happy




Re: How has your day been?

Well in music today we were playing Riptide on ukuleles and just listening to the song had strong emotional connections because someone I loved who died a while ago used to play and listen to that song and we were playing it on ukuleles and I was just agggh. I don't watch sports either, used to be on a soccer team earlier in the year though. I think my German exam went okay I felt good about most of my answers. My debate is next Wednesday I think and its the finals so I should probably get ready. What music do you like to listen to @Bubblycoco?

Re: How has your day been?

Oh that would have been so emotional! *tear* 


Are you currently not in a soccer team cause season over? (or am I wrong)


What is your debating topic?


Well... the music I like is basically just charting music on iTunes! Currently my go toos are Better Now by Post Malone and No Tears Left To Cry by Arianna Grande! giphy



Question overload......... 😂