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Talking to parents

Me and my parents had a huge fight which led to yelling and my dad driving away (he came back), and my mum yelling at me about me. I want to apologize but don't know how, and what to do with their reactions. 

Re: Talking to parents

Hi @Scouty, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that with us. That sounds pretty upsetting to deal with. I can only imagine how distressed you must be feeling right now Heart Saying sorry can be difficult but there is no right or wrong way to do it. Sometimes we might sit there worrying about what to say but we mostly struggle with getting the words out. You could try writing the words down or thinking of another time you have said sorry for something? You can simply say 'Hey ____, I am sorry for ____'. What do you think? Smiley Happy

Re: Talking to parents

I will try apologize and say sorry, I've been going through ways I can say it, but the outcome is what scares me

Re: Talking to parents

That is great that you have been trying - it isn't always easy Smiley Sad What are you scared about @Scouty?

Re: Talking to parents

That the family won't move past this, and it's all my fault, and that they will not talk to me anymore, and that I will never be able to do anything with them

Re: Talking to parents

Hey @Scouty  - that is a scary thought.  Your odds are probably better with a sincere apology - have you given that a go? 


We have some content that you might find helpful to read about how to talk to your parents here,  - it suggests that the important things in getting your parents to listen to you are to time it right, communicate with "I" statements, and offer a delayed response - so letting your parents know that they can take some time before letting you know how they feel about your apology. 

We also have another piece of content here  on how to deal with conflict in your family - hope these are helpful in some small way. 

Let us know how you go today, we're here to listen and bounce thoughts off. 

I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: Talking to parents

Hey @Scouty, just wanted to check in. Fights with parents can be so emotional. How have you been doing with it lately? Smiley Happy

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