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Thinking Tuesdays

Hey everyone,




*Deep in thought*




Proceeds to read about how to think


"Am I thinking wrong?"


Well, I just spent like 5-10 minutes THINKING about what I should write for this very sentence. Thinking is something I do too much of, particularly over things that are really not important at all and is something that I want to change. 


I THINK I have spent long enough thinking about what to write or maybe it's just "writer's block". Again, I was THINKING that this would be a good place to share why we might tend to overthink things, or why we might have adopted negative thinking habits. 


So here's mine, one reason I might overthink things at times is my fear of failure 


"If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done" - Bruce Lee

Re: Thinking Tuesdays

Hey @hunginc, you're absolutely not alone with this! Overthinking can be so overwhelming, and you can often begin to question yourself on the smallest things, and that can come from a range of personal reasons, as you stated yours is the fear of failure. 

Finding peace in your own mind is extremely difficult, and I think when we are surrounded by a never ending world of social media/screens/news etc, it is so normal to place so much uncertainty in our minds.

I wonder if you have tried or considered trying some kind of reflective practice e.g. journaling, or meditation/breath work?

This article also has some great tips on managing anxiety and stress, which could be helpful in giving some insight into how you might look to manage these constant thoughts? 

Re: Thinking Tuesdays

@Kaylee-RO I meditate and journal everyday. Thanks for the article, I will look into it

Re: Thinking Tuesdays

@hunginc It is amazing to hear that you find that time for peace, stopping and letting yourself reset is challenging but very rewarding. I hope the article gives some insight for you. 

How are you feeling about everything now?

Re: Thinking Tuesdays

@Kaylee-RO I feel good. Just had to express my frustrations in written form, haha

Re: Thinking Tuesdays

I am definitely one to over think things as well @hunginc . I agree, I probably overthink things out of fear of failure or fear of others not liking me. I am often thinking and worrying about what others are thinking about me; which is a huge waste of time and energy. 


Recently I have found that engaging in mindfulness and trying to stay in the moment has helped me overthink less. When I find myself thinking about what other might think of me, I stop and tell myself "They probably aren't thinking that anyway, and if they are who cares."