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Wanna hang out l ?

Hello I’m new to writing posts and if anyone just wants to talk or hang out just talk and discuss in this thread. 

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

Hi @Spider and welcome to ReachOut! 


I always love to see the initiative our new members are making to start new posts, create spaces for hanging out and building some connections with others- you are doing awesome! We would love to get to know you better and here about your interests! 


I am going to link you to this topic here where another new member has also made a similar post to get to know members of the community too- you can share 5 fun facts about yourself or anything else you want to chat about Smiley Happy


We also have a chit chat thread which is really fun to speak to members that are online- you can find it here


Looking forward to seeing you around the forums @Spider!

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

Edit: @Spider  sorry, didn't mean to post on this thread....

Was your other thread deleted, or has it gone missing somehow?

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

This was the post but I didn’t know where I should’ve post it so I just edited the whole post but if you wanted to talk or discuss About it I’m all ears

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

@Spider ohhh, that makes more sense.

Sorry about how long replying took by the way, a lot's been happening over the last week, but I have some more breathing room now.


Was.. your old post the one about questioning gender?

If so, I can find you resources or discuss it if you want. (for context, I'm non-binary and genderfluid, so questioning gender's something I've had a fair bit of experience with)

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

Hello again. It’s no problem hope your found well.

yeah it was mostly about questioning gender and how I’m pretty sure at least now I’m trans. I just wasn’t sure where to post and that would be fantastic. Hope to chat soon 

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

@Spider I think that this section is as good as any for this. Smiley Happy

How much do you know about your gender atm?

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

Well there’s more to it than I had originally thought. There’s How you present, pronouns and a lot more but I’ve done a bit of research.I don’t really know what I identified as but it’s more between Transfeminine and gender fluid. I think 😅

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

@Spider yeah, there's a lot to it..

It's okay not to know for sure what to call it. Some people know what gender they are for their entire life, others have to go through a trial and error process.

For me I learnt a lot more about my gender while choosing my name. None of the very masculine or feminine names felt right for me, even if I liked the names themselves.

Re: Wanna hang out l ?

That is interesting. I think with me it was looking how others dressed and how I wanted to dress differently ( wearing cloths more for females)