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A New Era, the Same Struggles

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 11. Because of my depression, I tended to isolate for years. In high school I attempted to get along with some of the other students, but it never really worked out for one reason or another. Voted quietest, I continued to isolate. I continued to struggle with my depression.

    Finally out of high school, I began to have cardiac symptoms. It took about two years for me to stabilize physically. My depression continued, even after the symptoms abated.

    Now 23 years-old, my depression has become less severe. I plan to start some college classes next month. Although I have a long history of social isolation, I've also - especially now - felt extraordinarily lonely. I made a Facebook account to see all of my old peers. Long story short, they are not my people, which is upsetting. Frustrated, I came here, hoping to find some comfort. I've been through a lot, and all I want is some people I can call my friends. People I feel comfortable with.

Re: A New Era, the Same Struggles

Hey @Aether2780, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing that with us. It does sound like you have had a long and challenging journey with your mental health. It really sucks to hear that you have been feeling left out and struggling to find somewhere you belong. Honestly, the people who you find yourself surrounded with are not always your people. Part of life's journey is finding people who you really resonate with and this is no easy task. It is amazing to hear that your depression is less severe and you are planning to start college. Do you have any professional support that has been guiding you throughout this?


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Re: A New Era, the Same Struggles

hi @Aether2780 and welcome
@Taylor-RO has covered pretty much what i wanted to say so instead ill welcome you and let you know that im here to talk anytime
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**