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Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Just some random flash games online @Tiny_leaf . And I started watching some Anastasia scens from the musical. Gawd I really do love that musical. ...maybe it is my favourite..hahaha. But Wicked...far out that story is incredible as well. Gahhhh - I just love them both so much. Sorry I am completely fangirling right now. haha . 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK don't apologize, if you gave me half a chance I'd be doing the same Smiley Happy.

The "spirit animal" thread includes me rambling on a little bit too much about snakes... 

And I got to see Wicked when I was younger, I loved it. One bit that I still remember was

"Well, you look very.. bright."

"Bright!? She's florescent!!!"

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf I remember crying at the end twist. That musical had so many funny parts too. I only saw it last year for the first time. I hope to see it again one day. If Anastasia ever comes to where I live then i'll definitely go see it again. 


That is one thing I truly love is stories - musical performances and movies/tv shows. I do love those a lot. Smiley Happy 


That's kinda funny about the animals. You'd find me rambling on about musicals too much ! 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK I love stories in a slightly different way; I'm weirdly interested in mythology and legends. (okay... mythological and legendary creatures. But still.....)

It's really interesting seeing how stories get passed around and changed so easily, or how a mistranslation can change so much of the meaning of something. (apparently Cinderella was meant to have fur slippers, not glass slippers)

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

Yeah - that's really cool actually @Tiny_leaf . I didn't know about that though. It is very interesting hearing about nursery rhyme true meanings. Kind of sad a bit though. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK yeah, some of them are...


I think that my favorite thing I've discovered though, is that there's a Greek god of hindsight..

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@Tiny_leaf I'm curious now. Tell me more? 


btw - thanks for talking to me. It really helps. I always feel so alone Smiley Sad 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK basically he has absolutely no foresight at all. In one story he was told to give each animal a skill. The catch was that he couldn't use a skill twice, and he has worse planning skills than me, so by the time he got to humans he'd run out, and his brother had to step in to give humans fire and the arts.

In some legends opening Pandora's box was his fault. I feel like he'd also be the god of procrastination and submitting assignments at the last moment.... 


And you're welcome, and thank you as well. You're really nice to talk to, I always feel better after. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

thank you so much @Tiny_leaf Smiley Happy


I do believe I will fall asleep soon I think. I'm just finishing off this game and listening to some last couple songs then I'm going to try and sleep. 


That sounds very interesting. I also like learning about old legends and history type things. I like how they affect stories of today and beliefs. 

Re: Dealing with health anxiety

@mspaceK I hope you sleep well. Smiley Happy

And yes, it's so interesting! I also like seeing how real life gets transformed and re-interpreted into stories. Like how ages ago woolly mammoth bones would occasionally be found in Siberia, so people assumed that they were the bones of huge moles that lived their whole lives underground.