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Feeling Down - Need advice

I have been feeling extremely lonely and down especially in the last few weeks.  I have always suffered from depression but it has been worse recently.  Particularly after breaking up with my girlfriend; the loneliness has felt even worse.  To the point where I haven't been to work in 2 weeks, I just want advice on how others have dealt with going through this and how they motivated themselves to keep going.


I have always had a slight addiction to gambling and once again, recently it has become so much worse to the point where I have lost all of my savings.  My sleeping pattern is a mess (sleep all day and up all night) and i no longer eat proper meals.


I have tried counselling, but the place I used to go to has told me that the wait to see a pyschologist is around a month or 2 which I believe i need help sooner.  Does anyone know any good counselling services where I can go face to face but not have to wait for months to get an appointment? (In the Western sydney area; campbelltown/camden/liverpool)


Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this and has any advice 


Re: Feeling Down - Need advice

Hi @manutd23! Welcome to the forums! Smiley Happy

I'm sorry that you've been feeling so down and about the breakup. Smiley Sad Breakups can be so hard and it can take us a long time to feel okay again. I personally haven't been through all of the stuff that you've mentioned, but I'll try to provide some suggestions.

Do you have any supportive people around you? Friends and family can often be helpful when you're going through a breakup. This article has a lot of suggestions for coping with a breakup. There is also an app for iOS that can provide some ideas for activities you can do after a breakup.

That's really frustrating that it is going to take you a long time to see a psychologist. Smiley Sad There are quite a few services out there that can provide help and counselling specifically for gambling issues if you have a look online. I know of a few in Sydney but you may have to travel a bit. The University of Sydney offers a few different clinics and I think charities such as St Vincent de Paul and hospitals also offer programs and services. Here is another useful site from the NSW government.
It has a page where you can find face-to-face counselling services in your local area.
If you would prefer to talk to someone online or can't access someone face-to-face, this site offers free 24/7 confidential support and self-help modules if you make an account.

I often have the same issues as you with the lack of proper meals and sleeping pattern. Something that has helped me is trying to go to sleep and wake up at the same times every day. Sometimes, I also try to make sure that I do something relaxing an hour before I sleep. This could be taking a warm bath, reading quietly or listening to soft music or meditations. Reading something boring can also help if you can't go to sleep. This article has some other suggestions and we also had a discussion about sharing some tips for getting a good night's sleep, which you may find helpful.
Do you think that planning your meals in advance would help you eat proper meals? I usually find that I don't eat properly if I don't have time to make something or don't have a plan in mind for what to eat. We also have a thread with recipes and advice for eating issues.


Re: Feeling Down - Need advice

Hey @manutd23 thank you for posting on the forums. Smiley Happy


I'm not from NSW so I can't really give any input in regards to specific services in that area. However, have you tried your local headspace, or calling a helpline such as Gamblers Help (their number is 1800 858 858)?


Looking forward to hearing from you Smiley Happy

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Re: Feeling Down - Need advice

@manutd23 it sounds like you've been going through a really hard time with everything Smiley Sad
I'm wondering whether enquiring with beyondblue's New Access program would be beneficial? They do counselling, are free and have a provider in your area, if you go here you should see their contact details.


I hope one of the suggestions you've been given helps Smiley Happy