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I don't understand

I don't understand.


He goes from:

- conversing with me

- taking a sneaky photo of me for whatever reason

- staring at me when he thinks I am not looking at him, then looking away when I do glance up at him

- saying to me: "I have always liked you but I have kept it from you."



- calling me names

- telling me: "whatever medication you're taking clearly isn't working (we had a conversation once a few years back, after I had a panic attack in front of him, and he asked if I took medication for it, so he obviously remembers that I take medication)

- telling me that "he now has to waste another hour of his life at the police station on me"

- telling me that "you have more issues than previously thought."


I just don't get it. Why is he being so cruel to me? 




Re: I don't understand

@goldilocks  is this person someone you live with? i am really not sure of the context so idk how to answer your question but no matter who this person is it is not ok to be rude or mean to someone else also maybe talk to someone irl about this because it sounds a bit like an abusive type of relationship with this person but again I have no idea of the context so forgive me if i am off the mark. 


Re: I don't understand

Hey @goldilocks

I hope you're doing okay. Its a very confusing situation that you're in and I want you to know to not blame yourself.
People say and do confusing things all the time, and you do deserve and explanation. Is this person your friend? and if you're comfortable sharing more what do you think happened between you two for some context.

Just from what you have said, and my assumption, I think he might have had a thing for you and got hurt so he lashed out? (just a guess though)

I really hope things are well for you and you work out the situation with this person.

Best of luck Smiley Happy

Re: I don't understand

Hi @Anzelmo,


Unfortunately I wont get the explanation I deserve, as when I try to communicate with him he simply ignores me like as if I don't exist. This hurts my feelings, as I like him a lot. It makes me wonder how he communicates with his ex-wife and child, although they hardly see him, as far as I know. You wouldn't ignore them, so why ignore other people who simply want to befriend you? Well, I wanted to befriend him, but I also wanted to get to know him on a deeper level and to eventually get into a relationship with him, because I think he is attractive and worth knowing. I am attracted to his physical appearance and the fact that he keeps to himself. He is a bus driver and I used to be a regular passenger on his bus. I currently cannot board his bus as there is a restraining order in place as I had kept harassing him. See below for more details. 


Yes, he used to "have a thing" for me. And I want to revive that. He said to me, "I have always liked you but I have kept it from you." He used to stare at me frequently, now he ignores me completely. He made a comment under his breath on one occasion stating that he wanted to have s-x with me. I believe the reason as to why he ignores me is because I used to stalk him out of admiration and adoration and because I made threats towards him and because I placed flyers in all his neighbours' letterboxes stating that he was a bad person and that people should steer clear of him. I also made threats towards his family and smashed his iPad. I did this to regain power over him after months of being ignored by this man and having this man deny his behaviour towards me. He took a photo of me using his mobile phone and I should have confronted him on the day of when it happened. I confronted him about it months later and he denied it completely, yet his manager admitted on his behalf that he did in fact take a photo of me. 


I plan on apologising to him through the courts. I want to repair things with him, but I want him to own up to his behaviour. 


Re: I don't understand

Hi @goldilocks,

This sounds like a really difficult situation that you have been through Heart As there is an intervention order in place, it sounds like the only option is to go through the courts. You can only control your own behaviour - so I am wondering whether it is helpful for you to keep that in mind while going through this process?

Re: I don't understand

Hi @Eden1717,


See above for my response to @Anzelmo :-)


Re: I don't understand

@goldilocks  Hello I hope you are going well.