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I feel like I should be feeling more happy

Hi for the past few days I have been feeling upset and I feel like I should be feeling happier my friends say to me you need to be happy because life is short and to think happy and be happy its a very popular saying but you see I feel like life has changed so much I mean when I was younger I use to be happy as anything and very joyful and now it just seems dull I Just want to be happy but I cant

Its like I would if I could but just something in my mind just makes me upset all time or angry not really living just being constant angry and I feel as though I should lighten up because life is all about happiness I know its ok to be upset at certain times but I feel upset everyday and feel like am not making the most of living life If I am upset I am not really living life its all about happiness but I cant seem to be happy anymore I have been very upset I don't think am depressed although I do not know I don't really notice it I just wish I could make the most of everyday and always stay happy and not waste a day my mind is in all sorts of upsetting places my granddad and grandma was battling cancer and they always smiled till the end and they always said to me always stay happy and be strong but now I feel like I have broken that promise I told them ill keep but I have broken the connection am never happy and they wont be proud of me 


I know most people don't notice your unhappy if you hide your emotions inside but sometimes am really hurting I just dont want to show it or let it out people say to me life gets better but it just seems to be staying the same and nothing has changed I am upset and not really living life because I am not happy if your not happy then you are living life but not really enjoying or living life to the full potential I feel like I have locked myself out and am now constantly an unhappy upset person being alone makes you realise alot of things it really does it just hurts me knowing that I could change the way I am and feel happy but I just cant not now I never feel that spark to make me happier and I don't think being upset all the time is really living life I just don't know how I can find my happiness again? Smiley Sad

Re: I feel like I should be feeling more happy

Welcome to ReachOut

I'm sorry you've been feeling sad. It's great that your reaching out.

Have you ever spoken to anyone about how you feel. There's a great service called kids helpline that offer Web or phone counselling. Their number is 1800 55 1800. They have helped me a lot.
There's also eheadspace.

I also just wanted to add that it's impossible to be happy all the time. Sometimes we have emotions we can't control. But we can control how we respond to them. What's something you really enjoy. Maybe you could take some time out and engage in that.
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Re: I feel like I should be feeling more happy

Hi @rexy19

I can totally relate to how your feeling right now! I've been through this before. It's like you feel upset but you're not really upset. People kept telling me to smile and asking me what's wrong when in reality I don't really have the answer to that. I knew I wasn't depressed I just had a lot of stuff on my plate.

You can try to channel your happiness by doing something you love or talking to someone you really care about? I did it and it really helped a lot, you can always give it a try! If you're alone at times try listening to music perhaps? I can give you suggestions on what to listen to if you want! There's always different options and I'll gladly help you!

If you yourself know that you're not depressed then believe it. No one knows you better than you do. And even if you're not feeling happy right now or that you feel like you can't find things that'll make you happy, you can! I believe and know you can! If you're not feeling like the best that's okay, don't let your friends or anybody else add on to any sadness that you feel, it's better to tackle it on your own pace instead of forcing yourself!

"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." -unknown.