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Lack of success

I struggle with inferiority complex. I always set high goals I never achieve. I compare myself to others. I strongly envy others who I think are better than me because they are successful. It's really bad to feel you don't fit in this world. I feel anxiety, depression, low self belief and hate. I don't feel appreciated and I'm tired of feeling I'm a failure

Re: Lack of success

Hey Aqui - well you have arrived at the right place... Sounds like yuou are really struggling with negative thinking, low self worth/esteem/confidence etc... It sucks that you feel under appreciated by both yourself and others but I'm glad you are here because together with the help of the others here we can help you find the path towards help that's right for you. 


Have you ever spoke to a health professional about your feelings of anxiety/depression? Or even a friend or family member? Speaking up about how you are feeling is tough but so important because in amongst all this darkness there is actually good news. There are lots of people here who have felt very simialr to you in the past and they are working through it and can reassure you that help is out there and with the right support you can get to a place where you are happy, healthy, confident and optimistic.


Depending on where you are at with seeking help - like is this the first time you speaking out about it or are you already seeing a doctor or counsellor - will determine what the best next step is for you. For now, just keep coming back here and chatting with us, and tell us more about where you are at.


Know that we are here for you, want to listen and help you figure this out.


Keep reaching out.

Online Community Manager

Re: Lack of success

@Aqui I also agree with @Sophie-RO it would be a good idea to talk to someone about your anxiety and depression.

It is easy to compare yourself to others. Remember you are your own person, we all have our own strengths and weakness, we are all unique and special. Would it help to list some of your strengths? Once I saw this therapist who advised me to come up with a list of my strengths and remind myself of them daily.

Hope things get better Smiley Happy

Re: Lack of success

Hey Aqui, it's really great to have you here. It takes a lot to speak up when we're struggling so you should feel proud of yourself for taking this step.


Please do keep us updated with how you're going.

Re: Lack of success

Hi @Aqui, it sounds like you don't feel adequate or worthy as a person?  Your post has really tugged at my heartstrings - I do know how you feel.  Please understand this feeling doesn't have to be forever, and because you are aware of your comparisons, you will be able to kick this even faster.


It's important to understand that being 'successful' won't help if you don't already embrace who you are.  A problem with comparison is that there will always be someone better looking, smarter, funnier, more athletic, richer, with more social media attention, etc.  I mean there are 7 billion (or so) people!  As long as you envision some people as superior or inferior, you will probably not feel very good!  Let it go - you are you, you are not your accomplishments


And what actually is 'success'? I'd love to know, what do you think success looks like? For me, success is being a good older brother, an appreciative son, having a solid crack at life, and making a positive contribution to the world where ever I can.  Do you think I am inferior to someone who has more accomplishments than me?


You don't have to feel like this forever, but it does take effort on your behalf. If you don't actively work at challenging these thoughts and changing your beliefs, then you probably won't ever feel good enough.  It takes effort but you can do it!


Here are some sheets on improving self-esteem (I think this one has some great pointers), another's story on overcoming feelings of inferiority, and a sheet on self-talk.  Good luck!