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Re: Living Guarded & Feeling Drained

Hi @Taylor-RO 


Yesterday wasn't too bad! Had some free time to go to the gym for the first time in a little while, which helped.


I just really don't like conflict hence my claim of "I don't see how people argue/fight and still be close" or something along those lines. It may be a minor thing that's brought up but I'm instantly put on the spot.


For me that's a rare occurrence though. The best metaphor to describe my current mental state would be full of cobwebs and a desperate need of lubricant - refer to what I said earlier for context


Re: Living Guarded & Feeling Drained

Hi @svrooster, it is great that you had a chance to go to the gym. Hopefully you can incorporate it into your day more often, seeing as it is helpful for you. Is absence of free time usually what stops you from going to the gym?

It is normal to not like conflict, most people would avoid it if they could so please know that you are not alone in that. It can raise a lot of uncomfortable feelings as well as anxiety, stress and panic. Sometimes this desire to avoid conflict can take over and and start to have an impact on our life. You mentioned that you have been going through a lot recently in regards to relationships, energy levels, exhaustion and your emotions. Have you thought of speaking to a health professional about what has been going on for you? This could be your local GP or a psychologist/counselor for a chat Heart