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Need Advice!

Hey there! 

I'm after some advice. 

My best friend lives in another state. For years now I've wanted to move there to be closer to her. She's just found out that she's having a baby so we've decided that now would be the perfect time for me to make the move! 

The thing is, I'm absolutely terrified that things won't work out for me. I'm worried about being lonely (I have bad anxiety and depression), about having to find a job and a house before I can ship my animals over and of walking away from the job I have here. However, if I don't give it a go I know that I'll always regret not being there for this special time in her life. 

My animals are like my children, they are my lifeline and I don't think I will survive for more than a couple of weeks without them. 

What do I do? 

Thanks in advance Heart

Re: Need Advice!

Hey there @Batwoman, welcome back! Smiley Happy

Congratulations to your friend! This sounds like a wonderful opportunity and it's lovely that you want to move closer to her. Changing states is a huge deal, and it can definitely be filled with worries. Have you spoken to your friend about these worries at all? There's a chance she may be able to help you out with some of the issues you're having. What do you think?

Is there anyone else that you can speak to about your worries, aside from your friend? It sounds like you know what things you need to take care of before you make the move, and it is amazing that you're able to identify those things that will worry you Smiley Happy I hope it all goes well for you! Is there a time limit on when you have to move or are you able to work slowly on managing things before you move?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: Need Advice!

I'm due to move on the 22/12/18. We have definitely talked about these issues. She's kind of a "give it a go" sort of person, and I'm always worried about "what if". I know she'll be there for me as much as she possibly can. I would actually be staying with her and her husband until I find a place of my own and there's just not enough room for me to bring 2 more dogs and a cat into the house. I'm searching high and low for another option so I can take them with me, but I'm running out of time! Thank you for your reply Smiley Happy

Re: Need Advice!

Hey @Batwoman, this sounds like a pretty big step in your life! Congratulations to your friend, and well done to you for deciding to be there with her. It must be so exciting for you both to be close together, even though you're nervous about the logistics of it. I think you're being really brave though as this is a large change in your life Smiley Happy 


I would like to second what @Jay-RO suggested, in that you could maybe find a way to organise things before you leave. It sounds like you're leaving very soon though! What kind of work do you do currently? Is there a way for you to discuss interstate employment opportunities with your current employer? For example maybe they could transfer you to an office or store in the state you're moving to? 


I also hear that you're going to be missing your pets a lot. They can be such a big part of our lives and it sounds like you love your cat and dogs very much. Is there some way you could feel connected to them, even though you're interstate? 

Re: Need Advice!

My best friend and I are very close. As you said in my other post, I'm hoping having her there will help me cope with not having my pets with me for a while. I work in a yogurt factory, so anything in the factory industry is what I'm looking for. I have heard from a few possible employers but I'm not good to anyone until I actually arrive. At least I've had a few bites!

Re: Need Advice!

That's awesome to hear that you and your best friend are really close, you guys seem to have a good friendship Smiley Happy

Good luck with your job hunting! It's great that you've managed to hear back from several potential employers already Smiley Very Happy. Let us know how everything goes. We're more than happy to support you every step of the way Smiley Happy
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Re: Need Advice!

Thank you so much Smiley Happy