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Please help me

Please help me i don't know what to do again. I feel hated by my mom and dad . Hated maybe not the right word? Maybe i am just jealous of my sister? well, she is kind,smart,have a scholarship and maybe every single talent, and i am just complete opposite . My mum and dad always compare me with my sis and every single people that seems better of than me. I  dunno i feel worthless and bring misfortune to my family. To tell the truth i had very many suicidal though ald since high school, i always could tolerate it tho, i could always find a way to repress it. But tonight i feel i am  on my peak, i dunno anymore, i just want some help please

Re: Please help me

Hey @blank i am very sorry, our spam filter ate your posts! I have found them now and bought them back to life. How are you doing today? Want to talk still? We're all here to listen Smiley Happy

Re: Please help me

hey @blank, how are you doing? 


It seems like you're in a really tough situation where you aren't being supported by the people who are supposed to unconditionally love and support you. Even if your parents can't see it I'm sure there are many things about you that are unique and deserve to be appreciated and celebrated.


I can also really relate to your struggle with suicidal thoughts; if you want I could share some of my own coping techniques? 

Re: Please help me

hi @blank 

i too struggle with suicidal thoughts


im glad others have offered advice here

i too can share some coping strategies if you like?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**