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Re: Severe Procrastination

I have had similar experiences with procrastination. It actually wasn't so bad initially but lately it's become a huge obstacle in my life. I'm not entirely sure how to deal with it. But the reason I'm posting this here is just to say how connected and less lonely I felt just reading your posts. It wasn't just the consequences of procrastinating that impacted me negatively, but also thinking that I was the only one who couldn't find the motivation... and that isolation made me feel so lonely. While I sympathise with you all and wish that it gets better for you I feel almost relieved to know that I'm not alone with this struggle.

Here with you all xx

Re: Severe Procrastination

@BlueGreen yeah, I always get absorbed in stuff as well.. it causes issues when I look at Wikipedia, I get "lost" in it so easily and end up reading about a rare type of moss or something. 


Also I just remembered an article called Why Procrastinators Procrastinate,, which is really funny but a lot of people have found really helpful. (if you prefer videos, the page links to a TED talk)

It's basically a different way of thinking about procrastination. It doesn't apply to everyone, but it really describes some people's experience. 

Re: Severe Procrastination


From reading your thread - I can definitely identify with a bit of what you're going through - it's really hard.

It sounds as though getting into more of a routine might be helpful! I like to get my dated diary and write in everything I have to do that day and tick them off as I go - i get that little sense of accomplishment by completing things and then i get to cross off that day when everything is finished. I have found this helpful for me in creating more structure for me with uni work and also balancing time for friends and family around these things. 

best of luck!

Re: Severe Procrastination

@BlueGreen  Welcome to ReachoutHeart 

I am a college student myself and I can understand that there are days when one has a lack of motivation despite knowing that there are important things lined up.


What has really helped me is creating a day to day schedule, depending on how I feel each day. Like somedays I study what I really like and compliment it with something I don't like, to balance it out. Also, I take some time out for myself as well like by going to the gym or hanging out with my friends or going out for movies. This way I don't get bored of doing Uni stuff.


I hope this helps you in some way Smiley Happy 

Re: Severe Procrastination

Hey @BlueGreen,


This is a very relatable post. I struggle with procrastination too. I'm an anxious person and the idea of failing something makes me feel more nervous, which then makes me put off starting a task if I feel like I can't do it perfectly. Something that has been helping me lately is practising mindfulness. I used to think of myself as a machine that should be able to concentrate 100% on the task at hand and not need to take breaks. No human functions like that, and if they tell you that then they're lying haha. 


The one key thing that mindfulness training teaches you is that it is very normal to find concentrating boring or unpleasant at times. It is also very normal for your attention to wander away from the task, so instead of chastising ourselves for it and saying "why can't I concentrate? What's wrong with me?", we could instead just gently notice our thoughts drifting "There I go again" and gently guide our thoughts back to the task at hand.


The thought of sitting there for 30 minutes and meditating is a pretty overwhelming one for me. There's a pretty common misconception that you have to "clear your mind" and think of nothing at all when you meditate, but this isn't the case for me. I just sit and notice what is happening in my body, like my breath or how my back feels against the chair, or my feet against the floor.  I actually only do about 5 minutes of sitting meditation a day and I'm working myself up to more. Practising it has made me a lot more aware of my thought patterns and how my attention drifts, and how I can actually direct my mind back to what I'm doing. It's not easy and needs practice, but it makes me feel SO much better than procrastination does. Have you ever tried mindfulness practice before?

“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down