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TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

I'm so scared now. The corona virus from China is now making it's way to where I live pretty quickly, and I dont want to die. If I do end up dying, I'd rather it be quickly, not slowly and painfully. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I have such a big fear of germs, and I want to live to see my kids one day. 


I fear that if it gets any closer than the sunshine coast, then I'm going to start eating less and less, and make so much less contact with anyone. I don't want to die! I can't stop crying I'm that scared.


Then I have my normal worries of everyday. School. And the guidance officer still hasn't checked in yet. I feel so alone and at risk of death right now.


I am safe. Just very distressed. :'(


Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

Hi @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 

That virus is pretty scary...

Things like this happen sometimes though. When I was little there was a really bad epidemic of swine flu that had everyone freaking out a bit. Dad had been on a work trip to an affected area and had to quarantine himself in his room.


Some things to remember about this though:

  • People are working hard to raise awareness. This means that if anyone's been to the affected areas or around someone who has, they know to keep away from others for a while, and to see a doctor if they feel sick.
  • It isn't as contagious as a lot of other illnesses, and because contagious people show symptoms that makes containing it a lot easier. 
  • People have survived it, especially with good medical treatment.
  • Currently, the recommendations are just to use normal hygiene and go to your doctor if you get flu like symptoms. Pretty much the same as normal unless you've recently been to parts of China.

When I get worried about something that's happening, I try to avoid watching news about it. Do you think that might help you get through this? 


Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

Hey @Tiny_leaf
Oof. Was he okay after that trip?

Those points are fair enough, but I do worry. I don't even want to get sick. Like, a fever would be okay, maybe the aches in my bones/muscles, but I hate getting sick or anything.

And the fact that it's spread very close to where I live, is kinda freaking me out.

I guess I could avoid the news, not that I watch it. But my friends and school always mention it at some point during the day, as a joke. It does get a bit triggering.

Aside from all this, my GO still hasn't checked in with me. I kinda feel a little alone, even though I have friends with me. The fact that it's the first week, I was kind of hoping to at least get a "hello", or "this is where I am" kinda thing. Just a quick hi to see if I'm okay. But I guess that'll never happen...

Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx he had a bit of flu, but was fine about a week later.


I can understand why you'd be worried, it does sound pretty stressful..


I'm sorry that your GO hasn't checked in with you Smiley Sad

The start of school can be kinda hectic, so it's possible that it's just slipped their mind while they've been organizing other stuff. Do you think starting the conversation yourself might work?


Oh, and I forget some people start school earlier!

How's it been so far? 


Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

@Tiny_leaf that’s not so bad I suppose. But it does seem scary still.

Yeah, it is pretty stressful.

I guess you’re right, but I was told that I would get a checkin to see how I was going, sometime this week. Oh well, can’t do much now.

I don’t even know where her office is...

School has been okay, and I made a friend with the same name as me. And her 3 other friends are nice too.
Drama and philosophy are my favourite subjects, and possibly wellbeing, so I’m enjoying them pretty well.

I also have 2 fav teachers, both female, and I love them so much. I can’t wait to have those classes again!

Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 


The corona virus is pretty scary, especially for the people in China at the moment. I think in Australia we're pretty - my boyfriend's dad is a doctor and he was saying the chances of contracting the virus right now are very low. So continue practicing good hygiene and statistics suggest you should be okay Smiley Happy. Hopefully this virus situation is over sooner rather than later Smiley Sad - I really empathise with the Chinese! @Tiny_leaf has offered some really good points which should also ease your distress. 


I'm so glad to hear that you've made some awesome new friends and that you've taken a liking to your teachers. That's fantastic! I'm sure your GO will be in touch soon - hang in there! They're probably just super busy. 


Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

Hey @Maddy-RO
Yup, it is. But I’m not quite so scared anymore, even if it is getting pretty close...

Good thing I’m always washing my hands or sanitising them!

My only question about it is, if China is where we get most of our clothes, food, and whatever else, how are we going to get it now? Especially since it’s much worse in China too...

Yeah, I’m glad I have new friends already. I’m going to email my teachers about my health condition, but hopefully they won’t need to do anything. As long as I’m eating properly, hydrating regularly, and getting to the ground fast enough, I should be okay.

I hope she is. Even if I can just email her to book an appointment, to know that I’m not alone when I need someone, is okay with me.

Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

Awh @xXLexi_Lou122Xx  I’m so sorry I didn’t see your new thread again.. if you start a new thread it might be helpful to get one of the community members/mod squad to close your thread with a link to your new one so that regular ‘visitors’ To your thread know you have a new one.. it’s just less confusing for you as well having people supporting you across different threads Smiley Happy 


I can hear how distressed you are about the coronavirus Smiley Sad that just breaks my heart! Although cutting out contact with all/most people could reduce your risk of getting it, you don’t have to worry about cutting us out Heart we’ll always be here for you so don’t feel as if you have to be alone xx

some tips for staying clear can include:

• washing hands regularly; you can also get a little pocket hand sanitizer for school, youth group, church and other places you go.

• when coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth with your arm and if you’re really concerned, you could ask your friends to be cautious around you and do the same.

• avoid contact with people that are sick: have a cough, fever ect.

• if you notice any symptoms, seek medical assistance as early as possible. 
• there’s also certain foods that can contain coronavirus so it’s up to you, but you could reduce your diet to safer foods until everything is clear. 
• if you’re out in public, keeping distance from people as well as possible. 

I know this is a really scary thing happening (there’s been 2 cases that I know of in tassie) but please try your best to keep calm and take care of yourself. If it’s worrying you to the point where you can’t get out of this level of distress, could your mum take you to a doctor to get medication for your anxiety? 

I hope you’re doing well today, you’ll be okay Heart


Re: TW scared for my future/life and feeling lonely

I also just heard on the radio (currently in the car going home) that the government has put a massive restriction on Chinese coming into Australia. It’s going to affect the economy significantly but they’re doing all they can for our health Smiley Happy So they’re putting our health first to reduce the risk anyway possible.