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Re: it’s too hard (tw)

@annabethxchase nawww thanks xx i think im just gonna have an early night, might watch some tv. Heart

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

All good @litgym happy to help. You do that!!


Re: it’s too hard (tw)

@litgym like @Taylor-RO said it is important to have a good connection/relationship with your psychologist. I am proud of you for bringing it up last session! x You are doing a really good job at navigating through your psychologist sessions Smiley Happy

I'm sorry about your friend, and absolutely agree that there is no need to forgive her quickly if you feel that it's not possible.

Sounds like an early night is in the books, I hope ou have a good sleep Smiley Happy x <3


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Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

@Bee naww thanks xx


i had an alright sleep i guess :/ im next level procrastinating right now and im so angry with myself !!! but i just can’t seem to bring myself to do my assessments. 

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

hey, anyone around ?

everything is just plain shit. i don’t even know if i can keep living :/ i just need to vent

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

Hiya @litgym , sounds like a crappy feeling. What's on your mind?

Are you safe while we chat?



Re: it’s too hard (tw)

hey @TOM-RO

everything is just worse. what’s the point of living anymore ? it’s so dark here and nobody fucking understands. no one understands that im dead inside, im dead. im so sick of pretending im fine when im not.


im safe i think.

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

@litgym're feeling alone in that dark space. i want you to know i'm sitting with you in that space.

It takes such a huge toll putting on an act doesn't it? I really feel for you. There's always pressure to look well and not show how we are feeling on the inside. But really, we just need to be able to express those feelings to get through it.

Is there anything you do that makes you feel authentic to your feelings? Even if other people don't get it, we need to begin with honouring those feelings ourselves. 

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

@TOM-RO i don’t know if there are times when im authentic with my feelings. i just can’t anymore. im trying so hard and nobody sees that !! im so sick of people saying “just be patient” or “keep your head up”. i can’t just do that. i don’t even know why im still alive honestly.

Re: it’s too hard (tw)

@litgym that's super frustrating. I can see your thoughts are focused on people around you and what they think, but let's try to focus on you this evening.

What's something nice you can do tonight to keep yourself in a safer headspace? Sounds like you've had a productive day too! Smiley Happy Smiley Happy