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losing your boyfriend

honestly its the shitest feeling in the world when you get a text message saying we are through.. can i get some advice on what to do?Smiley Frustrated


Re: losing your boyfriend

Hey @Breesy12,


Break ups suck, there's no doubt about that Smiley Sad it's totally okay to feel upset and overwhelmed, and it may take some time for those feelings to subside. Often when we're going through heartbreak it's good to call on close friends/family members - have you spoken to anyone about it all? Another thing I've learnt from break ups is that it's really important to take care of yourself. Do you have any hobbies or self-care strategies that you can focus on right now?


It also sounds like the breakup was a bit sudden/unexpected for you? Did he give a reason in the message as to why he's ending things? (Feel free to tell me to back off if I'm asking too many questions Smiley Tongue) We're here for you Heart

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