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mental breakdowns

I didnt think after each mental breakdown whether they are close or far apart could get worse. 4 mental breakdowns ago I was optimistic that it can only go up from here! currently been in this new mental breakdown for months and each time I go out to do something positive (hang out with friends, etc) I hit a new rock bottom! only time I ever do well is when I stay at home and don't leave unless for work! I never was the one too look in the mirror and hate who I've become but Im there. not only am I loosing/lost all around me I've actually lost myself! wish I could get it through my brain that drinking and doing drugs aren't worth it, took me to loose it all to see that and now its too late. Ive embarrassed myself and there is not coming back from this. rock bottom is putting it nicely. this is a new low that I didn't know i could get.

Re: mental breakdowns

Hi @marieX, welcome to the forums!


What you're going through sounds really difficult..

My own breakdown/ episodes started off like that, it can be really hard to adjust to both the breakdown and the way that they can come, go or hang around for no apparent reason...


Asking for help here is a really good first step, and I hope you find the forums helpful!

I'm just wondering though if you have any additional supports at the moment, and if you'd be interested in finding some? 

Re: mental breakdowns

thank you! I see a therapist that is all. yeah of course, more help the better!

Re: mental breakdowns

Hi @marieX, thank you for reaching out to us and a warm welcome from the ReachOut community!


Posting online is a really big step to take, and we want to acknowledge the courage it would have taken to write this post and ask for support Heart You have mentioned that you have been going through a lot, and feeling like your wellbeing is breaking down. You also posted that this is not the first breakdown of mental wellbeing you have experienced, are you able to tell us a little bit more about times you have felt this way before? What helped in those times, and what didn't?


It is really good to hear you are seeking the support of a professional and are open to more support- such an important step in recovery! You have mentioned drugs and alcohol, and I just wanted to give you a few links that may help you find some more support options. Counselling Online offer free 24/7 support and Alcohol and Drug Foundation also have a list of local services that may be helpful Heart

Re: mental breakdowns

@marieX It's great that you've got a therapist already! Do you find them helpful at all?


@Jess1-RO's already gotten some good resources, a couple of other places to look are and Both offer 24 hour counselling/ crisis support.

Re: mental breakdowns

thanks for those links. I guess not drinking and doing drugs is the main factor in what does work. but I cant seem to get that in my head haha. I don't know. going to have to ride it out like I always do.

Re: mental breakdowns

yes I love seeing a therapist! honestly look forward to it always.

Re: mental breakdowns

Hey @marieX, that's awesome to hear that you enjoy seeing a therapist Smiley Very Happy. I also think that you have a really good insight in knowing that not drinking and doing drugs in the main factor in what does work Smiley Happy. I was wondering if you brought this up with your therapist yet?
Hope is just around the corner; you think it's not there when you first look straight ahead, but it actually is when you turn around

Re: mental breakdowns

Hi @marieX! Welcome to the forums!

Mental breakdowns are no fun. Smiley Sad I don't have much to add, but I know you'll get through this difficult and challenging time, just as you've got through your other four breakdowns. Despite everything, you are still here. That is an amazing achievement. It shows that you have a lot of strength and resilience.

It's so brave of you to reach out in the hope that things will improve. Lots of people turn to drugs and alcohol to try and cope with personal problems or mental health issues. I think that it's really inspiring that you want to change your drug and drinking habits. Wanting to change has to come before you can actually change, and many people experience denial and don't get as far as the 'wanting to change' step.

You may see this as a breakdown, but that doesn't mean that you can't get back up again with the right support. I hope that things will get better for you soon. Heart

Here are some other resources you might find helpful:
YoDAA tool
Daybreak - an app which can help you regain control over your drinking habits

Re: mental breakdowns

i feel you so much @marieX i look forward to seeing my therapist so much! i always leave feeling like i've clarified confusing feelings and given insight into important thoughts, what do you like about seeing your therapist?