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vce bad subject results

I feel like i've fucked up my vce, and life pretty much. I was never good at managing my time outside of school and I recently submitted a folio for visual communication design I am really not proud of. We have to write about it and review our work as another component of the assessment and just writing that makes me want to cry as I remember all the other components I forgot to include in it. The folio is 40% of the subjects grade aswell so I feel like I have stuffed up an exam and its allmy fault.. I'm also failing english too that I'm worried I won't even get a 25 thats needed for most uni's and its so hard to do well when you don't even know what to aim for for a result knowing nothing about what I want to study or do for a career. So yeah, I was wondering if anyone else is struggling with the same issues and or if their are other ways to get into things even if I don't get a 25 in english. I just want to be happy in the future.


Re: vce bad subject results

Hey @anonymousgirl101


I know how you feel with trying to get into a uni! It's pretty stressful during that period, isn't it?


You mentioned that you're not too sure about what to study for do for a career? Does your school have someone you can talk to about careers, like an academic/careers advisor? Perhaps you could talk to them about your future path?


On the other hand, there's many ways into uni. I know that some unis offer a separate bridging course which you can do and after that, they'll accept you. On top of that, unis do also offer spots even when the score is below the stated requirement on their website as it's more based on how many people apply for that degree.


I would recommend talking to a careers advisor at your school or perhaps a teacher in that area who might've done a similar route because they might know about alternative ways into degrees as well, besides the usual VCE & ATAR scores.


Also, if you want to talk to some of us online here about high school, you can find post here and you're also welcome to post here in the uni student support squad and ask the community about their collective experiences and how they got into uni too!


Good luck with your exams!!!! Smiley Happy