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Good morning @MB95 !


I was wondering if you'd had a chance to read this thread- it's got a good run down of the new features. I can imagine it might feel a bit disorienting especially if you've been away from the forums for awhile. I'm also going to put a little video here that shows you how you can personalise your notifications, so that you get emails for the stuff that you want to keep track of. 


It has definitely been an adjustment, but that being said, I can honestly say that I think the improvements are massive. For me, it took a few weeks to properly get my bearings. My other recommendation if you're finding old threads confusing would be to close off that thread (I'm happy to do that for you), and start a new one. The reason for that is a bit hard to explain - but basically, stuff that was pulled over from the old forums can look like it's out of order. The reason for that is because replies are now nested - which I think is actually heaps better for the most part, but I do agree that it unfortunately made old threads look a bit jumbled. It's cos people had replied in the middle of threads- that didn't matter at all in the old forums. But now it will try and nest replies in- which means that stuff looks out of order when it's a really old, or really long thread. 


Does that make sense? 


I hope you're having a really lovely Monday- chat more on your other threads later. 


I am LOVING the GIF feature I have to say lol


sloth GIF


Working Hard GIF by memecandy


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