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It's all good @MB95 - we are here to help! 


It sounds like you are viewing your feed by "top" instead of by "new". You can also personalise it even more by selecting what spaces you want to follow. Are you on a mobile, tablet or computer? 


I can share some screenshots for you about how to change your feed, if that would help. 


I'm stoked you appreciate my sloth lol... also, if  you use the 'daily check in' tool, that gives you a nice little walk through of how to find the different spaces. 


To see literally everything, go to Spaces. Then click "everything" - and that will show you all of the spaces/boards. Nothing is missing from the old forums, it's more about having a play around and working out what you want to see, because what we heard when we did research was that basically, people want to be able to customise things. Some people want to see everything, some people only want to see what's relevant to them. 


Does that make sense? Happy to chat through this in more detail if I haven't explained it well! 


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