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Hey @Betty123


This is a really good question, I hope you don't mind I have moved this to another part of the forum where hopefully more community members will see it and be able to give more support ❤️ 


Sometimes anxiety can certainly seem to come out of absolutely nowhere and really take us by surprise - but it sometimes also happens more often when we're feeling particularly stressed or exhausted or worried about something.

@Tiny_leaf also mentioned patterns which can certainly be helpful in determining when anxiety might arise and allow us to prepare for it.


You said that you have noticed feeling anxiety often in the morning by the lockers, is there anything you can think of that might be causing you to feel anxious in this place and time? Maybe something like school stress or worries about classmates?

I wanted to share some content here as well, this piece is about what anxiety is generally, and this one is about how to get help for anxiety is you want to check them out 🥰

Who rated this post