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Can confirm, these are all great ways to deal with moving! I've moved house a few times so far, and there's always a good deal of both excitement and anixety involved each time.

I'm a bit of a plant lover, so when I move I like to explore the garden and think of what I might like to do with it, and the same with the sunny spots in the house. One time I was at a new house and had a mountainous todo list in terms of getting it ready to live in, which really stressed me out! I did some of them and then really felt overwhelmed, so I decided to stop prioritising for a moment and prune the orange tree in the backyard instead. I really enjoyed it and I felt really proud of myself when I was done, so afterwards I was calmer and felt a little more like I could get everything else done too.

Checking out what's going on in the area has been great too! Parks, bike trails, libraries, shops and markets are all so nice to discover. Oh, and if you're not too scared of them, meet your local magpies too! You don't need to feed them (and shouldn't since they're wild animals), just spend a little bit of time near them and they'll put you on their good side. That's one less thing to worry about in spring 😉

I think big steps in life like this call for a bit of treating yourself too. My go-tos are takeaway (means I can put off navigating a new kitchen!), scented candles, and nice tea.


Oh and last but not least, congrats!! I'd love to hear how you're going when you get a chance!

Who rated this post