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What a lovely, wholesome thread @Akinna  - I totally agree, it's so easy to forget to celebrate the wins - and every single win is worth celebrating! I hope you can add this post to something that you're proud of ❤️


youre awesome bill murray GIF


It can also take heaps of courage to let someone know when you're experiencing those dark thoughts, good on you for being brave and telling someone that you weren't OK. 


How are you feeling today, @Akinna ? 


Today, I'm proud of myself because: 



1. I woke up early, and had a walk outside before I logged on for work, even though it was rainy - it was actually super lovely outside, and I feel so much more calm and in control after having 40 minutes to myself, in the fresh air


Walking Walk GIF by Nick


2. I made a really tasty dinner last night, so I had yum leftovers for my lunch today. Win win! 


3. I made time to call my brother, who's in Hong Kong at the moment, and had a really lovely Zoom chat yesterday afternoon. I was kind of tired and wasn't going to bother, but we both felt so much better after a catch up. I also did a fun zoom trivia night on the weekend with some friends, we're all in that "wow, so we're suddently in lockdown. Cool cool cool!" headspace, and it was so lovely to chat and have some fun together. 


Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


I am loving reading everyone's answers - @WinterCalvino I'm proud of you for being kind to yourself, and celebrating the amazing things you're doing in challenging times 🙂 


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Who rated this post